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Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is one of the major components of Cannabis. It makes up about 40% of the Cannabis plant’s extract. It is a people’s choice because it possesses the medical benefits of the Cannabis plant without psychoactive effects. This makes it appropriate for non-recreational users of Cannabis or its components.

The CBD market is a competitive billion dollar industry. It thus requires the need for various people with different playing fields, namely, the consumer, the producer, and the middlemen. The middlemen are akin to CBD Marketing Consultants. So, why is CBD Marketing essential?

Why CBD Marketing is Important

There is no doubt that society continually embraces cannabis use. This is seen in the increased research on the contents of Cannabis and the continued legalization of the application and sale of CBD. Yet, most set-ups are still not optimized for the sale and advertisement of Cannabis or even CBD. According to Boundless Lab, a CBD Marketing Agency: “Through our experience of getting blocked from many of the popular email platforms just simply because we sold CBD Cannabis products, we’ve found that Sendlane has been the most openly accepting email marketing platform for CBD/Cannabis brands we work with.” This snippet tells us that email marketing platforms are not quite open to the promotion of CBD regardless of their increased popularity.

Also, since the CBD industry is a very competitive one, the most assured way of staying visible is by ensuring that your product remains in public view – more frequently than your competitor’s. All these are the jobs of Marketing Agencies.

CBD Marketing agencies are essential due to their committed feasibility study of the CBD market and the adoption of strategic measures to ensure that CBD and Cannabis products are visible on the World Wide Web. Asides from creating safe spaces for small CBD and Cannabis-related businesses, CBD Marketing also helps to encourage positive attention being focused on the CBD market.

Top CBD Marketing Consultants

The following are top CBD Marketing Consultants you may wish to try out.


CBD Marketing Pro was founded in 2018. It has channeled all her focus into the launch and continuous management of Cannabis Brands. CBD Marketing Pro is dedicated to encouraging the growth of Cannabis Brands, both online and offline. Thus, regardless of where your concentration is, CBD Marketing Pro will ensure that you are found and remain visible.


ColaDigital is a firm believer in the “The Marketing Rule of 7”. It states that “a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser’s message at least seven times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.” The Marketing Rule of Seven is what further encourages this group’s focus on Digital Marketing Strategy. They increase your sales by channeling the conversion funnel approach, which concentrates on addressing each level of consumer that a brand already has. This agency does not believe in a one-size-fits-all manner. Instead, they give the different types of consumers, different approaches. Even the most apathetic user becomes a huge fan of your brand at the end of the day.


Starting in 2005, Jesse Grillo consults for hundreds of successful businesses and creates thousands of highly profitable marketing campaigns. The marketing firm is staffed by the brightest and savviest professionals that hold a complete dedication to your success.

Focusing on your investment return routinely crafts profitable marketing campaigns that have a real impact on businesses. This is why 90% of clients continue their partnership with Jesse Grillo after 12 months of service.

Amongst others, they use demographic data to study the client’s customers and render quality marketing services to them. They also deal with affiliate and multi-level marketing with strong social media analytics.


Established in 2013, Lorenzo Gutierrez Digital Marketing is a marketing agency focusing on the CBD industry. It prides itself on having a world-class digital marketing team comprised of SEO specialists, social media experts, coders, and content writers focused on helping our clients with their growth.

Their marketing agency services comprise SEO, Social Media Marketing, Programmatic Marketing, Web Design and Development, Content Writing and Marketing, and Branding.


Elevated is a digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience in CBD. It also specializes in heavily-regulated markets such as healthcare, finance, and insurance.

At Elevated, they believe that “for businesses that grow, manufacture, or retail cannabis-related goods like marijuana, CBD oil, and other hemp products, it’s imperative to stake your claim now in Internet Search and build a loyal following through SEO, Paid, Email and other marketing channels.”

As expected, they provide services in SEO, Paid Media Services, email marketing, and web design. With a philosophy of transparency and active communication with clients, the agency will help elevate your CBD marketing strategy to new heights.


Since its launch in January 2019, Boundless Labs has remained a competitive marketing agency. This is because it’s been in CBD branding earlier and badly acquired a strong fan base – and this is precisely what the marketing agency leverages.

Its marketing strategies allow for sustainable, long-term paid acquisition, especially via its social channels. It also offers SEO services to CBD companies. Email Marketing is also one of its specialties as all of its brands drive between 25%-35% of their total revenue from email marketing while generating over $1M+ per month in revenue for these brands.

Its influencer marketing, as well as PR + Affiliate marketing, also boost their client CBD brands.


The CBD industry is, no doubt, a highly competitive one. To stay competitive, CBD brands must prioritize their marketing strategies to remain visible and optimize their revenues. You may consult with any of the listed marketing consultants for cutting edge marketing services.