nj marijuana dispensary


nj marijuana dispensaryMarijuana or cannabis is a vastly used drug for therapeutic use as well as a drug of abuse. It is the most widely abused drug. About ten years ago, medical marijuana was legalized.

After this many measures were taken to provide marijuana safely to the ones in need. However, these measures were not enough and due to easy access, marijuana addiction became popular among the residents of New Jersey.
Access to Legal Cannabis
To meet up with the need of increasing consumers ideas were put forward. The widely dense NJ marijuana dispensaries, legalization of business and increase in cultivation are among these steps.
Condition of The State
They day by day increasing consumers of medical and illegal marijuana is overwhelming. The arrest rate of drug possessors in New Jersey is the highest among all the states. With more than half the population using the drug one way or another, people are opting to legalize it. With legalization, marijuana companies can be benefitted from foreign investors being inclined towards the growing business. The application of local sale tax on legal marijuana can be advantageous since it can lead to the generation of millions of dollars.
nj marijuana dispensaryLegalization Of Marijuana
For the last few years, the residents of New Jersey have been speaking up for the legalization of marijuana. In 2017, a senator demanded for the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, this idea was greatly opposed. More or less about fifteen bills have been proposed, each with a different idea. None of these bills have yet been approved.  The current Governor of New Jersey has favored the legalization but due to the opposition of many senators, no bill has yet been approved.
Public Stance 
In 2015 polls were created for the residents of New Jersey to give their opinions concerning the issue of legalization of cannabis. The majority of the people voted in strong favor of the proposal while the rest were in a great opposition.
A study was conducted that favored the legalization concluding that the state can be in great benefit with millions of dollars generated with the legal drug and saved at the same time by retreating the resources
nj marijuana dispensaryThe Referendum
To present a solution and overcome differences due to great opposition the legislature has announced a referendum on the ballot of 2020. The bill for the approval of the referendum was passed last year.
The big question was generated when the public divided into two groups, one in support and one greatly opposing the idea. What benefit can be brought to the state with this bill approved?
The manpower, other resources and about an estimate of about a million dollars that’s spent on following the laws of illegal marijuana can be used for a better cause like education or health. With legalization, NJ marijuana dispensaries can be more active, the business will bring about more job opportunities and with this advancement marijuana companies can prosper. On the other hand, the overcrowded rehabilitation centers tell another story which is proposed by the people opposing the bill.