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Large Firms are entering Nj marijuana market

Nj marijuanaAfter the recent takeover of the Governor Phil Murphy, the New Jersey’s marijuana market is shaking. Phil Murphy has been trying is best to ensure that marijuana does become legal for the patients that are suffering from pain after invasive operations and surgeries.
With the recent bill that was passed through the Governor himself, the NJ’s Marijuana Program for patients might be going through a big change. Here is one very peculiar point about the program that big companies are very interested in:
Allow more companies to operate
Previously, about 6 chosen firms were allowed to sell their products to a specific set of patients in NJ. Brazenly enough, these 6 firms still do not have a permit from the state to sell their items though. But in the new bill/law that Murphy passed this Tuesday, more firms will finally get the option to operate in the state.
Apparently, the list will grow to about 24 firms after the law is implemented.
Big companies are making their move
In the recent weeks, an international cannabis company, and a multi-state cannabis company have tried to set their foothold in New Jersey itself. Canopy Growth, which is a company that sells marijuana, has spent more than 300 million dollars trying to buy Acreage, and are one of the two companies that are trying to set foothold in the Garden State itself.
Canopy Growth is trying to start up a lot of NJ Marijuana Dispensary centres in the area, and if successful, could mean a lot of business for the company. Start with medical tablets, and then move onto CBD edibles, because these edibles are a really good business for both the customers and the big firms.
Nj marijuanaLicense issues
Though it might be possible that Canopy Growth’s footholds may be stopped in its paths, partially because of NJ’s current departmental rules that state that there can only be one permit per entity.
It will be a long journey before CG might even come to the Garden State to sell their products, because a company this large will have to be thoroughly investigated before its operations can be allowed in the country.
Department of Health is concerned
The Department of Health is concerned over the issue of so many big firms entering the states, and has stated that before any ownership changes do happen for the selection methodology, a complete background research on criminal & any other negative tracks will be done. If any of the large firms are seen having issues with legality, the whole marijuana market might be in danger.
Marijuana market is rising
With so many big firms investing in NJ Marijuana Dispensary centres, and potentially CBD edibles too, the marijuana market is definitely on the rise. Even in the recent weeks, the market has become so unpredictable that not even the CBD edibles’ users can predict what will happen.
If anyone is looking for a job in the pharmacy department in NJ, they should definitely wait until these NJ Marijuana Dispensary centres are open for better chances at landing a job.