cbd in new york

Is CBD Legal in NY?

cbd in new yorkThere are a burgeoning population and markets for CBD, there are more than enough producers and marketers for CBD compounds and products, there are immeasurable benefits to be gotten from CBD compounds, but almost all state laws seem to prohibit CBD. This logic has continued to perplex consumers and producers in the CBD market. All but few states in the U.S prohibits the sale and possession of cannabis, and flouting of this law attracts serious consequences. Many of the agreeable states have ambiguous laws regarding the possession and sale of CBD, and one such state is New York.

CBD and what it is
CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is one of the families of the Cannabis plants; others include hemp, marijuana, etc. Since most CBD compounds come from hemp rather than marijuana, they are free of the undesirable and banned psychoactive elements (THC) present in most cannabis plants. CBD compounds have great therapeutic properties and are beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions like anxiety, acne, insomnia, Parkinson’s, etc.

CBD and its New York Journey
About a decade ago, you wouldn’t get CBD in New York without a (difficult) government permit; even if it was a life or death situation. Alas, with the passing of the farm bill of 2018, hemp (a type of cannabis) was legalized in the country and by extension, New York decriminalized the hemp family of cannabis plants.

Conditions under which Cannabis is legal in New York
Though the legal status of hemp-based CBD oil in New York is not in doubt, possession of marijuana when not for medical purposes is a criminal offense; especially when possessed in large quantities. Other notable conditions for use of CBD are;

For the medical purposes
If you intend to use marijuana-based CBD as a form of medical relief, you will need to apply for what is called a medical marijuana card. Also, marijuana is strictly prohibited for recreational use in New York.

cbd in new yorkRecreational purposes
It is great to know that you can at least purchase CBD products without a doctor’s prescription or medical intent in New York as long it is purely for your dietary needs, and the CBD is purchased from licensed dietary CBD centers.


When mixed with Meals
Mixing CBD compounds directly to your meals is prohibited in New York City at least until a framework to regulate such use is agreed upon by the FDA (food and drug agency).

Self-cultivation and cannabis farming
Also, irrespective of the legal status of hemp-based CBD in New York, self-cultivation of cannabis either for medical or personal use remains illegal. Few legal producers provide the sole supply of cannabis for New York’s marijuana program.

cbd in new yorkConclusions
Since the CBD market is still ‘open’ and unregulated by the FDA and other bodies, you must take precautions like; Purchase CBD products from marketers or vendors whose products are tested by a third-party lab. Make sure you confirm with your physician before taking CBD while on medication. Interactions of CBD with drugs can prove to be very dangerous to the body. You should check the internet to purchase from the numerous places where CBD products are sold in New York. This can also save you from a lot of ‘bureaucratic’ process from going to local agencies.