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Big changes coming to NJ marijuana program

New Jersey have been one of the biggest cities in the States to fight against the marijuana legalization laws. Though cannabis, and other CBD edibles have become legal in many other states, NJ still doesn’t seem like it will do that publicly.

NJ Marijuana Program
It might seem like New Jersey is preparing for the new horde of making marijuana legal though. Since the start of the reign of Governor Phil Murphy, he has started a program called the NJ Marijuana Program. This program is only allowed for a set number of patients in the state, making it legal for them to use marijuana under a certain medical pretext.

In case you didn’t know, Marijuana is used medically to help control against pain, and to make painful surgeries and other invasive medical operations less painful than normal.

cbd edibles Addition of 30,000 patients
Governor Phil Murphy has added more than 30,000 patients to the list of the NJ Marijuana Program since January, and it would seem that more companies are trying to open up their marijuana products to these chosen patients.

A new bill was passed just a few days ago, and here is every change that might be coming to NJ with this law:

Potential support for marijuana providers
The law will most likely add support for many medical marijuana providers to operate in the state. Previously, with this program, there were only 6 providers that could serve in the state. With the new law, there could be 24 more providers. Do note that these providers are yet to get their license from the state.

Improve check & balance
Previously, it was ensured that a patient could not buy more than a set number of marijuana-based products based on their health. The new law, if properly implemented, will ensure improve the check and balance system, allowing for more lease among patients who have to use medical marijuana. There is only so much time before NJ marijuana dispensary centres follow suite. We can also see CBD edibles becoming popular with this law.

Improve frequency
The new law will also reduce the frequency of patients’ visit to the doctor from four times a year to once a year. This could possibly prove to be lethal for NJ marijuana dispensary centres, but will be better for the patients.

Permit home delivery
Home delivery of cannabis-based products will also be permitted by the state, should the law get implemented.

cbd ediblesOut-of-state patients
For patients from out of the state that are coming to visit the state, it will finally be legal enough to buy cannabis for their medical or perhaps even CBD edibles-related reasons. Though the term is said to be around 6 months, it still is a big step in the right direction for a lot of patients.

We are completely hoping for the new changes on the NJ marijuana program. Apparently, the tax on NJ marijuana dispensary centres will also be reduced to 2% with the new change. This is a very welcome change.